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In response to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announcement on June 16, 2015 that partially hydrogenated cooking oil is not Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) it will be necessary for our company to transition away from the partially hydrogenated soybean oil (PHSO) that we used for our traditional wavy potato chips since 1945.   If you wish to read about the ruling it can be found at the web site shown below:


Frequently asked questions.

Q: What Jones products are affected by the FDA ruling?

A: Jones wavy style potato chips. (Original, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, and Salt & Vinegar). Cooked in partially hydrogenated soybean oil.


Q:  How long have you used PHSO in your potato chips?

A:  We have used PHSO for seventy years.


Q:  Why have you used PHSO?

A:  PHSO is a shelf stable cooking oil that is reasonably priced, always in good supply, and it creates a pleasing flavor in potato chips. PHSO gives the traditional Jones potato chips that we sell on a local basis the flavor and texture that local consumers appreciate.


Q:  If my favorite store no longer carries the Jones Potato Chips that are cooked in PHSO, where can I get them?

A:  These products will be in our factory store located at 823 Bowman St., in independent grocery stores, carry outs, and drive through locations, until approximately the end of 2016.


Q: Will there be alternatives?

A: Our Company has had a line of potato chips with zero gram trans-fat for about eight years now.  When the FDA ruling was announced in June 2015 we immediately developed packaging designs for a line of Wavy style potato chips cooked in corn oil.  These products are on store shelves.


Q:  Will the new wavy potato chips taste the same as the PHSO potato chips?

A:  We will be using corn oil for the new wavy potato chips.  The flavor is very good; however, there is a different taste than most local consumers are used to.  We will have a new BBQ flavor that has some heat, is sweet with a hint of smoky flavor.  The rest of the flavors should have a similar taste.  We have enjoyed seventy years of loyalty from the North Central Ohio area and ask that our customers give the new products a try.


Q:  How will I recognize the new products?

A:  The new packaging has vibrant colors with pictures of wavy potato chips on them.  The new packaging will include our familiar Jones logo.  You will be able to tell the difference in the new and existing products by their appearance. 


Q:  How will this impact your Company?

A:  Currently the PHSO products represent about 20% of our production. 

It is disappointing that we will have to change a product that we have been making for seventy years; however, we are optimistic that many of our local customers will enjoy our new products and continue to support us. 80% of our business is spread out over one third of the United States.  We sell potato chips and potato sticks in N.Y., MI., FL., IN., KY., TN., W.V., GA., S.C., N.C., and Puerto Rico.  We have opportunities to grow in all of these states and more.


If you have further questions please send them to Bob Jones at bobjones@joneschips.com



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